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MeSH participates actively with organizations such as SHRM and NAPBS because both HR and background screening are in a very dynamic environment.
In this environment, MeSH takes pride in keeping ahead of issues so we prepare for changes that are likely to occur. Although a lot of our enhancements come from what our clients tell us via the many Feedback boxes throughout our website, we get our information from our partnerships and affiliations.
Each of our employees have designated “Professional Development” time each month to read and report back on what changes have occurred, or are likely to occur. These research sessions also help and encourage our employees make recommendations on what changes MeSH should make to more professionally deal with the changes in the industry.
MeSH also maintains relationships with many vendors including law firms, drug collection and analysis vendors, and others, so if you are looking for support in an associated area, please do not hesitate to ask us below.

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