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Background Checks on Current Employees

“Since the need to hire and train qualified candidates is an ongoing challenge, MeSH has become a welcomed partner” Amy P., Human Resource Manager
Many employers start a background checking process with their new employees. However, the complexity of background checking current employees has inhibited employers from taking action and thus leaving them with unnecessary and significant liability. MeSH can help!

Why background check current employees?
The due diligence responsibility of employers does not stop at the time of hire. Companies are making it a best practice to reduce liability by periodically running their employees through a background check process.

Can MeSH manage the whole process for me?
Yes. The MeSH system has the ability to automatically, or as you need, re-run services for employees. MeSH provides a report summarizing the results, as well as triggered notification for "high-alert" results.

Is it legal?
Yes. However, there are some considerations for which we recommend you contact MeSH below to get a program that works for your company.

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