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Credentialing Healthcare Staff

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Getting healthcare staff on board can be a time and labor intensive process for companies, especially in a changing healthcare environment. Companies are having their HR staff pulled in many directions and this is one area where it is cost and quality effective to outsource.

Why Not Credential our Staff Inhouse?
By using MeSH for your credentialing needs you are able to enter all of your applicant’s needed information on a simple order entry screen, ONCE. MeSH’s centralized technology is able to constantly monitor your employee’s licenses and notify you immediately of any board actions. Your physician profiles and license checks can be run automatically each month or when needed and all information is coming from the primary source. By using MeSH you will no longer need to verify information using many sources, MeSH will do all the work for you while be time and cost efficient.

Is the program flexible to meet our needs?
Yes! The MeSH system is highly customizable and your standard package is always set making the order entry process simple. If you need different packages for certain applicant’s you are able to have those packages saved as well making order entry a smooth process. Along with the order entry process, you have the ability to control rights of your users. Customization has never been this easy!

How can I get started?
You can contact MeSH at 888-988-MeSH or customerservice@go2mesh.com and a customer service representative will help you get started. You can also use the feedback box below to send us your information and we can contact you!

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