Understanding Your Challenges

Save HR staff time

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At MeSH, we work with HR staff to identify how they are spending their time and tailor the MeSH software to make it easier for their process.

Placing the background checks
MeSH offers many ways to ease the workflow. Options includes setting up defaults for the most common background checks, invite the applicant to provide some or all of the information, and in general to minimize any unnecessary screens and clicks.

Reviewing Results
If you work with MeSH to identify how you are using the information MeSH provides to make business decisions, MeSH can identify ways to provide the information to you in a way that minimizes your burden. Many clients like having customized on-click icons to put employer customized summary ratings. Some clients like entering their own comments for their supervisor right in the order.

Let us know if you would like MeSH to do a free evaluation on your process to identify ways you can save time.

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