Professional, Friendly and Competent

Customer Service

"Professional, Friendly, and Competent"
When you call MeSH for the first time, it will be evident that we hire on the following traits:
  1. Professional
  2. Friendly
  3. Competent
We hold “Professional” at the top of our values as we must ALWAYS be professional and treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

Succeeding, is “Friendly”. When our clients call MeSH they know a friendly voice will be on the other end. We understand our clients have lots to do and they will experience friendly customer service every time they contact MeSH. We all work hard, but we know that we all work better when we treat each other with respect.

Competence is a trait MeSH prides itself in. Our clients depend on us to answer their questions quickly and that requires a staff with a high degree of confidence. However, in the event our staff does not know the answer we opt for professionalism and MeSH will assist in providing the client with an accurate answer.

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