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EEOC Files Suit Against Two Employers (BMW & Dollar General)(2013)

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On 6/11/2013, the EEOC issued the following Press Release "EEOC Files Suit Against Two Employers for Use of Criminal Background Checks" in which they filed suit in US District Court against BMW Manufacturing Company and Dollar General. In the press release they state the following:

    "the EEOC alleges that BMW disproportionately screened out African Americans from jobs, and that the policy is not job related and consistent with business necessity"

   and "...the EEOC filed a nationwide lawsuit based on discrimination charges filed by two rejected black applicants. That lawsuit charges that Dollar General conditions all of its job offers on criminal background checks, which results in a disparate impact against blacks"

   Regarding the basis: "Both lawsuits were brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and national origin as well as retaliation."

Below are some articles which comment on the lawsuit:

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