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EEOC Files Lawsuit against Freeman for Hiring Discrimination (2009)

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On 10/1/2009, the EEOC issued the following Press Release "EEOC Files Nationwide Hiring Discrimination Lawsuit Against Freeman" in which they filed suit in US District Court against the Freeman Companies. In the press release they describe the case as:

    "Company’s Use of Job Applicants’ Credit History and Criminal Charges / Convictions Discriminates Because of Race, National Origin and Sex, EEOC Charges"

   and "Freeman has rejected job applicants based on their credit history and if they have had one or more of various types of criminal charges or convictions. This practice has an unlawful discriminatory impact because of race, national origin, and sex, and is neither job-related nor justified by business necessity, the EEOC charged in its lawsuit."

   Regarding the basis: "Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was intended to eliminate practices that serve as arbitrary barriers to employment because of a job applicant’s race, national origin, or sex."

Below are some articles which based on when they were published, may help put this lawsuit in perspective:

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