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Professional Licenses, Certifications and Physician Credentialing

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MeSH offers several services related to verification of Licenses, Certifications and other Credentialing Processes

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Many fields have such licenses/certifications including healthcare, engineering, accountanting, and many others. These licenses/certifications are either useful to demonstrate competency or legally required to perform certain jobs. Unfortunately, many job applicants lie to get jobs which then puts burden on employers to verify the claims the job applicant makes about their qualifications. Using MeSH to verify a license can reduce liability risk negligent hiring and provide companies with a better qualified workforce.

When asking MeSH to verify a license, MeSH checks the information against that provided by the state or federal agency that issued the license. To further help clients maintain compliance, MeSH now includes 30 and 60 day license expiration warnings, as well as concise monthly reports.

MeSH also reports the source of the data and if and when it was obtained from stored data (as MeSH does periodically upload license data from government sources). This approach provides an instantaneous turn-around-time, while others are usually completed the same day if in by 11AM.

Physician Credentialing (and Physician Assistant)

The MeSH Physician Credentialing process accesses not only the American Medical Association data for a physician's education, licensure and certification history via the AMA Physician Masterfile (the AMA has been issued "Primary Source" status by the FCRA) but other searches which together provide MeSH clients with the best one-stop comprehensive credentialing process that can be easily tailored to different client needs.

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