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Social Security Trace

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This service taps into a large set of databases that contain dates and locations nationwide for which the provided social security number was used. The data returned typically includes the associated names, addresses, and dates for which the social security number was used.

MeSH has proprietary technology that reduces this extensive data into a concise table for decision making. MeSH has customizable rules for which the client can automatically make use of this information, such as:

Identifying Prior Criminal Jurisdictions (e.g., States)

Expand the region of the criminal search beyond what the job applicant identified (e.g., applicants may have committed an offense in a different state, but you may not have known to search that other state if it were not for this search). MeSH offers many client customizable settings to steer which criminal searches to add to the background check to adhere to your state guidelines.

Help Identifying and Reconciling Identity Issues

Job applicants with an adverse background can benefit positively if they can find a way around a legitimate background check, they may decide to intentionally provide a bogus name to mislead the background check being conducted.

To minimize this risk, MeSH flags names that are different than that provided by the client as “Client-CheckName” so the client can review these names and reconcile vs the I-9 applicant provided identification documents.

The client can double check the name and SSN they entered to do the rest of the background checks. The client then can be confident the name they used for the background check is valid. An error in the entered name or SSN can invalidate some background check results.

The cause for name differences are many. However, the most important purpose of the background check is for the client to validate that they entered the name correctly into the MeSH system. This can be done by the client double checking the I-9 identification information the job applicant provided vs the name entered into the MeSH system.

Many vendors will list out each and every record, but the MeSH system makes this service practical to use to maximize client business value without the client burden.

Validating a SSN Number

MeSH has the capability to validate if an SSN comes from an alive or deceased person and also provides what year the SSN was issued. This ensures that the applicant is providing a valid SSN.

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