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The FTC holds companies accountable via "reasonable security practices" which includes implementation of "technical safeguards" (for more on the FTC guidance, please click on: The FTC’s Role in Data Security, 9/17/2014).

To help companies meet their obligation for "technical safeguards", MeSH encrypts in our database many fields including SSN, DOB, email, family name, street number, street name, phone number, maiden name, and passport number, which is likely more encryption than any other vendor (as they may not encrypt in their database at all). Also, per the above guidance document to "Minimize personal information about consumers", MeSH only asks for data when needed as opposed to the outdated approach of asking for a full "Personal Profile" including SSN for each background check, regardless if that data is going to be used for the services requested. Lastly, regarding the FTC "limiting the circumstances under which sensitive personal information may be stored", MeSH only provides access to a person's SSN and other personal data when it is a required field for the work they are doing.

Chances are if your vendor has not told you they are doing all of this on your behalf, they are probably not and that puts you at risk. In addition to the secure system, MeSH has many features that can make your experience smoother via client customzied approaches to the website and our process. Please let us know how we can help you!

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