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OIG Medicaid Fines

"With over 4000 employees in 10 states and growing, it is important for us to have an automated method for processing OIG checks, to ensure compliance. We have worked with MeSH since 2007, and as such, we elected to use their simplified process of rolling New Hires right into the automated OIG process” –Lisa M. Regional Director of Human Resources
The OIG publishes fines for companies who have employed individuals who are on their exclusion list.

Here is a link to the OIG descriptions for their fines Click Here

One of the recent cases involves a $475K Settlement for employment of excluded individuals. Other fines range from $46K to $600K for 34 cases settled in 2014

The 34 cases in 2014 is a 37% increase over the 27 cases in 2013

The MeSH Solution
MeSH can provide automated OIG checks and monthly reports which helps companies greatly reduce the risk of losing their medicaid funding and paying large fines. A facility can be fined for not taking diligent steps to avoid hiring individuals on these lists and the fine can be large even if it is only one individual.

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