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MeSH has a long history of continuing to provide the most advanced technology in the background screening industry. Operating at this level means our client's expectations for ease of use and power are not only met, but exceeded.

Below is a description of some features, but to get a feel, please dont hesitate to provide your information below to get a free tour and trial.

Continuous Innovation:

The drive for improvement is built into the MeSH culture. It is founded in listening to those familiar with the current and future needs and wants, and maintaining the professional qualifications to execute.

In order to listen, we need to encourage and be open to feedback. This openness is completely unmatched not only in the industry, but in the general business environment. We want feedback from our clients so we can make the MeSH process as easy as we can for you. In order to truly listen, we need to have thick skin and a wide open door, so all feedback is welcomed by entering comments in our feedback boxes such as the one below. This feedback is discussed at our internal meetings where we maintain an attitude of continuing to improve the experience for our clients.

Fully Customizable:

For our clients, the MeSH technology means an easily customizable and patented system. The customization continues through such features as who can see different orders, who gets notified and under what conditions, who can activate and deactivate users, and who can see and receive invoices. The mass of powerful customization features offers our clients a stress-free experience while background screening.


MeSH is out in front on protecting ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII), so much so that we not only encrypt an individual's SSN in our database, but also other identifiable information (e.g., DoB, last name, address, etc...) which is unmatched in this industry.

There are many other features of our technology that provide value to our clients, so please send us some information below so we can provide you with more ways the MeSH technology can add value to your background screening program.

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