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Image Place Holder"In the past, we had issues with our invoicing due to our numerous facilities and employees. Each invoice had to be broken down which consumed a lot of time. MeSH listened to our concerns and worked very hard to get the invoicing set up in such a way that they are more streamlined and much easier and quicker to process. MeSH heard our feedback and quickly worked towards a solution to save us time. They always go above and beyond to help."
-Kristen H., Office Assistant

Image Place Holder"As the director of a 'Healthcare Recruiting' company serving the tri-state area, it has always been essential for my company to obtain employment references for our candidates prior to a job referral. MeSH has allowed me the ability to customize our reference questions and view the results online in an organized and timely manner. My staff and I are always impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of each MeSH representative. I would highly recommend them for any company that is looking to outsource the employment screening process in order to utilize their time more efficiently."
-Carol M., Director

Image Place Holder"Although we have a long history of relying on MeSH for their quick turn-around time and quality background checks, we also appreciate the way they approach their business as a partner to help us address our related challenges as they arise. With MeSH, we feel comfortable that we can pick up the phone or send an e-mail at any time, and that MeSH will provide us support in a friendly, professional, and competent manner. They are sensitive to our time frames and when they say they will do something, you can count on it getting done and getting done well."
-Kathy M., Director of Human Resources

Image Place Holder"With over 4000 employees in 10 states and growing, it is important for us to have an automated method for processing OIG checks, to ensure compliance.  We have worked with MeSH since 2007, and as such, we elected to use their simplified process of rolling New Hires right into the automated OIG process. We receive regular concise reports at the frequency we choose, for all of our employees.   In addition to OIG, MeSH checks other critical databases for us, which enables us to receive notifications such as upcoming professional license expirations.”
-Lisa M., Regional Director of Human Resources

Image Place Holder"Background Checking is one of the many duties I perform on a daily basis, so it is imperative that my time is spent wisely. Since the need to hire and train qualified candidates in an ongoing challenge, MeSH has become a welcomed partner. The MeSH system has proven to be as promised during our initial discussions with MeSH. After I login, I provide all information on a single screen, which saves me times and relieves the burden on me to remember which menu options I am supposed to choose. Similarly, getting results via their e-mail link gets me right to my results without putting more of a burden on myself. Because MeSH's system is so easy to use, cost effective, and provides comprehensive real time information, I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for a reliable, efficient, background checking process."
-Amy P., Human Resource Manager

Image Place Holder"Our business depends on accurate background checks with quick turn-around-time to operate effectively. MeSH has shown over the past decade, how to meet and exceed our high expectations in these and other areas. As driving for Dominos is generally not a career occupation, we can have high and unexpected turnover. To operate effectively in this environment, it is imperative that we have the best process to get people hired or filtered out by a background check. MeSH delivers every time. Besides the quality results and turn-around-time, the MeSH technology is the most innovative product on the market. It reduces order entry mistakes as it provides the user with one single simple screen. Between that and the informative e-mail link for results, this one screen, reduced the burden on us by fifty percent. I recommend MeSH to other companies with my highest regard."
-Christopher H., Franchise Owner Manager

Image Place Holder"For years now, we have counted on MeSH to perform our background checks. Here's what I find of value to my company: First, the MeSH website is easy to use as soon as I login. They have the site customized so I just enter the applicant's information and click "Submit". The system knows what background checking services I want to run so I don't have to remember and tell the system every time. It's one screen and takes five seconds to enter an order. Secondly, their turn-around-time is very quick. MeSH quoted us that 95% of the time they would get the order complete, same day, if we entered it before 11 AM. They've exceeded that and even got a fair amount of orders completed same day even though we entered them after 11 AM. Fantastic! Lastly, I find their Customer Service team easy and friendly to deal with. They provide easy to read results and invoices so I don't have to work to find out what's going on. I would recommend MeSH to other companies!"
-Kathy A., Human Resource Director

Image Place Holder"Shortly after we made our decision to go with MeSH Background Screening Services, I called them on a Wednesday late afternoon, with the need to get our account started and get a background check completed by Friday. After discussing the relevant information and forms that needed to be signed they assured me it would be no problem. They were true to their word, which I see as an important quality in a vendor. The process was fast and simple and I received the information by Friday morning."
-Melinda W., Human Resources/Payroll Administrator

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