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Verifications and References

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MeSH offers many services to help verify information as well as services that aim to collect additional information regarding a candidate’s work ethic or character:

  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Professional Reference
  • Personal Reference
"Employment Verification" vs "Professional Reference"

It is important for employers to identify which one of these services better meets their business needs. In some cases, employers perform both as they have different purposes and different levels of reliability.

Employment Verification

The purpose of the "Employment Verification" is to "verify" that an individual had the job they claimed for the period they stated. For this service, MeSH takes steps to assure that the information is coming from the source the company designates as responsible for handling this information as opposed to solely relying on a phone number the applicant provided (as that could just be their friend's number who agreed to fraudulently provide the information on the individual's behalf so they could get the job).

Professional Reference

With the "Professional Reference" service, MeSH cannot use such processes to authenticate the validity of the person to contact as this is a person whom the individual identified at the reference company (e.g., a supervisor or co-worker). To increase the likelihood of cooperation from the contact, the individual can provide references from people whom they have determined will provide a reference. Many companies believe that professional references are an inexpensive and necessary service.

Education Verification

As more and more professionals are being ousted as having fabricated their degrees, education verifications are increasingly necessary. MeSH obtains education verifications directly from the source, obtaining as much information as is offered.

Personal References

When this service is conducted well, it can provide some of the best insight into an individual's character and behavior. Candidates usually provide a personal reference who they believe is going to say something good and that they may have coached. Knowing this, MeSH has developed an approach that challenges the person to provide insight beyond the standard professional reference questions. The result is a reference that differentiates the person's strengths and weaknesses and provides concrete examples to substantiate claims.

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